Program Rule validation

Hello everyone!!!
These days I’ve been working with programRules, and I need to validate the form according to the programRules. However, I want to know if there is a library for programRule validation? where I could pass the values of the variables and it would return the result of the programRule condition.



Hi @EdsonNhancale

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This is a really nice idea for a dhis2 custom app, maybe? Or a feature request!

Personally, I have used to test the rules or keep testing on any instance. :slight_smile:

Hi community, @software_developer20, @dhis2-tracker

I have similar interests, if there is a way/library to run program rules?
It would be really great to build own tracker data entry apps.


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@Ulanbek thanks for your comment!

Please see here Program rule engine - DHIS2 Documentation

Developers can use the API and make use of the program rules engine.

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Thank you @Gassim for the information!

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@enrico can probably provide a lot of info on the topic.