Program rule in Tracker doesn't work anymore

Hi all,

We recently have a strange issue regarding program rules in tracker capture. There are a set of program rules which had been functioned well before but they haven’t being behaved recently. These are untouched program rules and we didn’t change anything.

Kindly check the attached screen-shot for one of them for the reference, the rest are similiar rules only different in filter.

DHIS2 version : 2.33.4


On the page which doesn’t work your rules, add &verbose to the end of the address line.
All results of all rules, which applied to that page, you can see in the Console, Developers Tools.

It will help you, what exactly going on there.
Good luck


Hello @Ulanbek can you explain this a bit more, it looks to be very helpful but i really didn’t understand how-to. You meant to say we add this &verbose in dhis2 URL ?

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Thanks pretty helpful

Dear Ulanbek,

Thank you for the two posts. I’ve tried to interpret the console and this is what I found out. It seems my expression is no problem but I have no idea why it doesn’t work.

Thank you for mention this.

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You may have other overlapping rules, which can do something with that field. Check other rules as well.
Also try to check maybe you created the wrong type of program rule variable, either it works on program or stage level.
Good luck


Hi @Ulanbek

Thanks for your helping hands. I’ll try to check and will be posted if I could tackle anything.

Finger crossed.