Program rule for sending a SMS, triggered on enrolment

Hi All,

We have a tracker program with multiple stages that is implemented in various countries (some speaking different languages).

For the program itself, we sometimes get patients that are enrolled into the program without physically starting any treatment. For example, an exposure has been recorded in the community and the patients needs to go to the hospital. In that case the program sends a SMS to the enrolled person telling them that they have been enrolled into the program and need to go to a specific hospital for treatment. This works well as a program notification that is triggered by “enrolment”, but results in a SMS in only one language to be sent to the person (drafted in English --> sent in English).

For SMS notifications in other language, I have written program rules that are triggered by Org code (based on the spoken language in the country) and the use of a DE (yes/no option) so that the language-specific SMS goes out. This, however, only works in specific program stages and I have not found a way to write a program rule that is triggered based solely on enrolment into the program.

Any help in the matter would be greatly appreciated.

Instance version: 2.32.4


Dear All,

Just a gentle reminder of query. Any assistance would be of great help.