Program rule; first try

I want to use the program rule for the first time, I’m wondering is there a video or a tutorial specific to this topic to share.
thank you so much

I have not found any video tutorial but this dhis2 document has a detailed description. Please go through Chapter 23.5

For further assistance feel free to knock here.
Thank you

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Hi, @Fatemacse

Thank you very much for your support.
I may ask for your help again if necessary.

Hello @elmoujarrade

I have attempted putting this in a small video.

Program rules can be made as complex as one would like them to be, so feel free to get back, if required.

Hope this helps.

Hi, @Carolyn

thank you very much, your video made it easier for me to understand, and the examples in the video are illustrative.
it is very interesting.

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