Program Notifications - Webhook - Access to event UID

Hi everyone,

We are trying to use Program Notifications in event programs to send an email and an SMS to program managers everytime a new case is registered in DHIS2 through the Capture app.

We are exploring the use of Webhooks, but among the Variable templates it does not seem possible to access the event UID. We are currently using version 2.38. Any suggestion on how to access this field? Is there any other version of DHIS2 where the event UID can be used as a template variable?

Hi @avillago

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The template variables has “program name” so if you select that it will automatically include the program name. Since you want the notifications for program enrollments and you probably selected “program notification”.

However, if you want a more specific notification per program stage then you could choose “program stage notification” where you will be able to select the program stage and in the template variables there’s the “program stage name.”

I don’t see why you’d choose the later when the notification is for program enrollment (new case registered.)

Most probably you’d need the webhook to be specified for the specific notification in the program/program stage and so you’d know exactly which program/program stage is sending the notification. I don’t see why you’d need the specific event UID.

Please share more info if the above doesn’t help much. Thanks!

I am aware of a similar application that notifies DSNOs and surveillance officers when an AFP case has been reported on the AVADAR application. Is anyone else aware of this, and can it be applied?

Thank you both for the answers! Looking at Gregory’s message, it seems our application is similar to the AVADAR case. We need to send email and SMS notifications to specific surveillance officers depending on the content of the case reported and the OU to which the case was reported. Hence, we need to know the eventUID to decide the email destination.

The current options in the webhook field are very limited from the programatic perspective. Is there an option to extract more information about the reported events so external services can handle it?