Program Notification on Event program

Hello everyone,

I scheduled a notification for an event program I designed, but unfortunately, the notifications are not being sent immediately after the form is completed. You’ll need to resubmit for the notifications to be dispatched.

I believe this error occurs because the option for when to send notifications is set to program stage completion. However, event programs don’t include program stages.

I’ve also attempted to use the program rule option, but I wasn’t able to make it work. Could someone assist me with this issue?

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Hi @Mr_jorge

After creating the notification template when creating the Program Notification, did you create a program rule and in the action made sure that the action uses the template:

Thank you for getting back to me. I’ve followed the same steps, but unfortunately, it’s still not functioning as expected. The tracker program with the program stage operates flawlessly, yet the event doesn’t send emails unless I submit it a the same event a second time.

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Also when you update the event, isn’t it the same action that should trigger the notification?

I’m providing logs for context. On the first line, here I created the event. From the second line onwards, I had updated the event (not changed anything, just edited, then saved again) and received the email.

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Thanks @lillian1n2!

So I understand from your comment that it’s working on your side? Please what version of DHIS2 are you using?

And @Mr_jorge please you are using which DHIS2 version?

@Gassim we are actually working on the same DHIS2 instance. 2.37.10

It’s not sending the email upon the first creation of the event. It is only sending the email after you create the event, then edit and save it again. I hope I am being clear.