Program Indicators not coming out at all

Hi DHIS2 community,

I have configured my program indicators and when I go to Pivot Tables an reports nothing shows. I have tried all configurations and nothing seems to work.
I attach below screenshots from one of the set indicators and the enrollment that I expect to give the result for example. Someone please kindly help.

This below is the enrollment

Here is the pivot table result for August period

Please may you help me find out my mistake.



Hi @mchigubhu,

Have you run the analytics and cleared your cache?

I have tried. At one point they showed and suddenly nothing at all. and I havent changed anything.

Your indicator looks correct. Given that you have made a successful analytics run there is no apparent reason for why the indicator does not work.

When you try and query the indicator in the pivot tables app, there is likely a server side application error logged. Would you be able to retrieve this application error log entry and post here?

I dont know exactly how i can the server side error, but strange enough the indicators are sometimes coming and when i add some indicator to the same pivot table, then the rest dont even come out. When I remove certain indicators then numbers come up. Strange and very frustrating.