Program Indicator

I was trying to implement a supportive supervision checklist using Event Capture. Once the data elements are uploaded to the system and data is collected we want to analyze our SS data on regular basis.

I have few difficulties and need help

  1. Can i have a multiple answer option in the event capture to collect data
  2. How can i set indicator of % of the multiple answers
    Eg. I have a question asking reasons for service interruption. Options are staff shortage , supply , security…

I want to see which reason contribute the highest proportion for service interruption and visualize it as a pie chart

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Welcome to the community!
Please see response below:

  1. For multiple answer options, I would suggest you use each of those options is a data element with a value Type “Yes Only”
  2. I would suggest you first create program indicators to count where value is true to condition. This will give you a total number of stuff shortage or total number of supply etc then proceed to create an “aggregate indicator” using those program indicators. With in the Aggregate indicators you can set % to the indicators.
    Let me know if this helpful!


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Thank you Emma. I will try it and let you know

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I think it works thanks