Program Indicator with z-score

Dear All,

We plan to use dhis2 in Tracking children under 2 data to monitor child growth and we will using it in a program outreach with a quartely visit in the villages.
The form is ready but we would like to setup an Program Indicator based on the data we collect for a child to said in a minute if the child is in normal range or not. (based on age and data we just fill up (weight and height), just write Green, Yellow or Red).
First question, is it possible ?
Second question, does anybody already create this kind of indicator, and if yes, is it possible to share the Expression used.

Thanks in advance

Hey there - thank you for the request.

Calculating Z-scores based on the Z-score reference tables is not currently possible. I created a jira issue for calculating Z-scores here: [DHIS2-5096] - Jira

Please add any details or comments from your use case, and vote/watch the issue.