Program Indicator in repeateble stage

Hi all
Kindly help me with this

I have a repeated stage for attendance control.
Each presence responds to a different data element (specific theme).
I would like to know how to create a program indicator to show that the participant has completed all existing themes in that stage
Repeated stage: Presences
day 1 participant in theme X
day 2 participant in theme y
day 3 participant in theme Z
day 4 participant missed the W theme

Desired indicator
Participant who completed all topics

Dear @dguambe

Thanks for sharing, you will need to use the enrolment analytics type, then in the filters select at least one data element n each stage that must be entered for the participation to be counted.

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Hi @prosper

I have problem a similar to dionisio’s. My use case is below.

I want to create program indicators to show which participants by sex have completed all trainings and which have not completed all. A participant is supposed to complete 3 trainings…