Program Indicator failed to load result

Hi all,

Our DHIS2 is currently on version and some of our Program indicators have failed to function. Below is an extract of the filter for the PI

d2:condition(‘#{fqVyFwESLJH.Xs6bN7hLmQr}==1’,1,0) + d2:condition(‘#{GqNord6kIcf.mHyKQlVOy6b}==1’,1,0) + d2:condition(‘#{lHw31WvrC82.JnafuUZeqjg}==1’,1,0) . The value type of all the data elements involved here is “Yes only”.

When we get to the data visualization app and select all the necessary dimensions, and click the update button, it does not return any value

Never mind. This is working now.


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Hi @smomoh

Maybe it was a cache issue? Sometimes it requires one to run maintenance and perform data administration after some changes.

Or was it a different solution?

Thank you for the update.

Hi AL-Gassim,

I was about coming back to the community, then I saw your response. This issue is actually not resolved.

If I run ((d2:condition(‘#{Uj3Wt4Tp3SI.oxGiFY1ElN1}==1’,1,0)) + (d2:condition(‘#{XQTLAjs2lRM.oadws0pDBOk}==1’,1,0))) >= 2,

I don’t get result, but if I take the two data elements one at a time as below,

((d2:condition(‘#{Uj3Wt4Tp3SI.oxGiFY1ElN1}==1’,1,0)) )>=1

((d2:condition(‘#{XQTLAjs2lRM.oadws0pDBOk}==1’,1,0))) >= 1

I get result. Please, note that the data elements in the two cases are different. My expectation is that if I combine the two as in the combined expression above with the condition as >=2, both should add up and give result. But it is returning 1 irrespective of the number of these data elements added together.