program indicator display in event capture app

Dear colleagues

We have noticed that when a program indicator is marked to “display in form”, what is displayed is the description rather than the short name (which is what I would expect to see). This is true in the current stable demo (e.g. BMI in inpatient mortality program). Is this intentional?

Also, if a number of indicators in a program are all marked to display in form, the order they show in appears to be random – it does not match the alphabetical order of the name, or seem to follow the order of the section it is linked to (if each is linked to a different section). Is there a way to enforce an order that I am missing?

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Dear colleagues on the CoP,

I’m building upon this topic because I am having the same issue on my end (Capture App - DHIS2 web version).
A picture is attached below for more details:

If anyone has a workaround or solution for this, it will be helpful and appreciated. I’m using DHIS2 2.35.4

Unlike in the android version (2.5), the ascending order of the program indicators (PI) is followed.