Program Indicator Disaggregator App

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Hello, my name is Gift Nnko, I am a systems developer at HISP Tanzania, from Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

I will present the Program Indicator Disaggregator app at the finals of the Annual Conference app competition.


The program indicator disaggregator app is a DHIS2 tool that enables the automatic (on-fly) breakdown of program indicators from one generic program indicator based on different categories, defined by either option sets or custom values.


In various DHIS2 implementations, the use of program indicators has been vital to facilitate data analysis and data use in various tracker programs. Due to the difference in implementations of tracker programs, each program has its own set of indicators that are required to be designed, configured, and tested. In configuring program indicators, different data disaggregations might be necessary in order to get the intended data.

Unlike the aggregate indicators, the current implementation of DHIS2 program indicators does not allow on-the-fly data disaggregation. This means in order to disaggregate a program indicator, a new program indicator has to be created with consideration of the disaggregation intended. This might not be a challenge for a small number of disaggregations ( sex, for example). However, in situations where there are many disaggregations (10 or more), it may be a tedious task to duplicate and modify the program indicator accordingly. In such cases, it might be a good idea to automate the disaggregation process.

The program indicator disaggregation app is a tool designed to ease the process of managing program indicators that require disaggregations. It allows a user to use a generic pre-defined program indicator that will be used by the program indicator dissagregator to automatically generate the disaggregated program indicators. The application is also flexible enough to allow the user to propagate any changes to the disaggregated program indicators in case there are any modifications made to the generic program indicator.

A preview video of the app can be found here. The latest version of the app is also installed in the latest play instance


Gift Nnko,
Systems Developer
HISP Tanzania |