Program indicator can't get result

I have added a program indicator to count the event number. but no data got , why?
dhis2 ver.2.33.2, I have tried many type of conditions to define the indicator, but no result to got ,even schedule the analysis job manually.

Hi @linxd,

Thanks for reporting your issue.

Can you post the expression and the filter you are using, does it align with what is in the DHIS2 documentation?

Also tagging @dhis2-tracker team to assist.

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my exp: V{event_count}
no filter

aggressive type: sum
analysis type: event.

Thank you @linxd.

This might be related to this post:

I will follow up with the dev team on the issue.

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I´m following this thread since I´m experimenting similar issues in Pivot Tables, DHIS2 v2.33.4. I´m using value count>=0 as a filter; the expression is a sum of values (0 or 1) and multiplied by 100

Pivot table is not rendering the PI values.

Any help will be much appreciated

Ana María