Program indicator 2 conditions inside d2:condition() is giving an error

Hello everyone,
I am having a problem with the following program indicator expression:

d2:condition('d2:hasValue(A{HjnUuXNhHNS})==Yes) && d2:yearsBetween(A{b6DkisKMfJM}, V{current_date})<18', 'Watch Out', 'Clear to go')

The idea is if a Yes/No field has a value of Yes and the age of the individual is less than 18 years, to display a message, else another message.

The program indicator box is displaying:

Expression is not valid

I tried to add a missing ) at the end but still no success.

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Hi there!
Which version of DHIS2 are you running?

What is your end objective? Do you want to show information to the user entering data into the tracker, or make a report? If you just want to show info to the user - you might want to look into wether what you need is a program rule instead of a program indicator. With a program rule action of type “Display text” you can display infomation to the user entering data.
I would make a program rule that has the expression:
A{programRuleVariable for HjnUuXNhHNS} == ‘Yes’ && d2:yearsBetween(A{b6DkisKMfJM}, V{current_date}) < 18
And a program rule action of type “display text” displaying “Watch out” in the feedback or indicator widget(this is configured for the action).


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Hi @im_officer_leb,

Were you able to sort this out based on @Markus’ recommendation? Kindly let us know.