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Hie, I need to know how to configure a tracker program so that a person registered in this program should be able to be enrolled into another program. Documentation says I need to have same tracked entity attributes in these two programs and I have tried but still the other program is not being listed in the program enrolment page.

Any insights will be greatly appreciated.

Hi @Abel265

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What about the OUs are they assigned in both programs? If program 1 is assigned to OU A but program 2 is not then even if they share the same TEI, it’ll not be possible to enroll TEI in program 2 when the OU is A…

There might be other possible reasons so it will help if you could add screenshots, info, and hopefully steps to reproduce. Thanks!

Hi @Gassim,

Same challenge here.
My 2 programs now have the same OU and share the TEIs but not being listed on the program enrollment page.

Hi @Kache and @Abel265

Please share the DHIS2 version of the instance you are using, and if possible steps to reproduce this in any of the instances.


Hi @Gassim ,
Here is the version.


We are working on replicating the eLMIS sandbox RTS tracker: DHIS 2

There is a need to link a registered item (in the Health Product Catalogue app) to the RTS tracker app. They are both using the same TEIs and OUs but they are standalone i.e. unable to enroll a catalogue item to the RTS tracker app.

The Tracked Entity Type in each program is different, the (Real-Time Stock Management) TE type is Item whereas the (Health care product catalogue) TE type is Health care product; therefore, it is not possible to enroll a “health care product” into RTS program because the TE type in RTS is “Item.”

If you explain the use case more, there might be a workaround but unless the Tracked Entity Type for both programs are the same, it’s not possible to enroll a TE type that the program is not dedicated for.


Thank you for the clarification.

This is very helpful.

So, the use case is that I am trying to find a better use of the catalogue by setting up the same TE as the RTS.

Additionally, 2 scenarios I need clarification on:

I want to be able to register an item in the catalogue and then enroll it in RTS without having to create the same item in the RTS web app.

For the Use Case app to work, you create a tracker program that gets linked in the Use Case app configuration.

One of the challenges we have encountered is that, if we add a field in the normal tracker program, the Use Case app does not display it. It only shows transactions we set up in the Use Case app (which seems the default setup).

We are still exploring.

Thanks for sharing!

If both programs have the same tracked entity type then you’d not need to create two instances.

Could you share the steps to reproduce this issue in any of the instances?