Program Dataset Connector

Hi Everyone,

I don’t know if it’s a DHIS2 or the app error, I’m trying to install problem but when I was installing the Program Dataset Connector via App Hub but it’s giving me the below error:

Failed to install app: Could not rename file C:\DHIS2\files\apps\program-dataset-connector_2.5.0\android-chrome-192x192.png-fbda28bc-4327-43c0-b42d-a515d2b6ff58 to C:\DHIS2\files\apps\program-dataset-connector_2.5.0\android-chrome-192x192.png

Please help.


What is the version of:

  • your dhis2 instance
  • the App Management app
  • the version of the Program Dataset Connector?

Where are you downloading it from?

Does this issue show only for this app or is it for any app you try to install?

Finally, @ckambobe solved a similar issue by downloading the ZIP file of the app, unzipping and then copying to the same directory.

My DHIS2 instance version is
App Management version 100.2.32
Program Dataset Connector version 2.5.0

Thank you I have manually installed the latest version of App Management App and installed the Program Dataset Connect app fine