Progam Notification based on data element value


We have made the program in event and want to use program notification.

We need to send messages(Email/SMS) to a group of users but based on the value of data element
For eg:
If deValue = “Murder” then send sms to Police user group
If deValue = “Gender Violence” then send sms to Red Cross user group

SMS is triggered after user clicks on complete button.

Is this possible to do within Event Capture?

Any help is appreciated.


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Hi @Harsh_Atal,

This is an interesting approach. What DHIS2 version are you using?

This is possible as shown below(Version 2.32);

What to send is the custom message you want to push
When to send is the trigger setting - you can add a condition based on a program rule or a program stage notification
Where to send it - You can use your user groups here i.e. Police, Redcross, etc

Let us know if this helps.

Thanks James

Will we have to make program rules for every condition and also notification? because different groups will be used based on data element value…

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Welcome @Harsh_Atal.

You will have to make program rules where necessary based on the trigger you will have to initiate and send the notifications. If it’s to send a notification once a stage is completed, you might not need a program rule for that as the condition is well covered by the program notification tab. If it’s a custom notification, you will then need a program rule to trigger the notification.


Hi @Harsh_Atal - were you able to get the program notification to send? I have been unable to generate program notifications through email in 2.31 or 2.33…