Problems uploading images to tracker program

Im recent to DHIS2 and I am at the moment mantaining an android application that uses the sdk for DHIS2 to communicate with our servers. We are using a tracker program that collects Images in the field asociated with patients and the metadata asociated with thse images.

We are facing two main issues.
One is that in some cases the patient information is reaching the server but the images are not. No stage is created asociated with the patient.

The other one is that the stages are created, but the images don’t get to the server correctly. When we enter the patients page in tracker this message is shown:

And clicking repeatedly the close buttom we can see that the images have not reached correctly:

Anyone here with similar problem?

Best regards

Hi @JaimeLopez

I see the screenshots are from the web browser, so I would like to double check that the images being uploaded are through the DHIS2 Capture android app?

Is the image being selected as an attribute (during enrollment) or a data element (in a program stage)? It seems we have two issues here:

  1. Images not uploading (all of them or just some? Did you check the type/size of images as well as the devices that are being used for the images that are not being uploaded? For instance, device A uploads all images successfully but device B doesn’t, or both devices would upload successfully if they used Wifi Network X but won’t upload successfully if they used Wifi Network Z?..etc)
  2. Some TEIs program stage is not being created after enrollment. Are the program stages set to be automatically generated? Could you explain more details about the program stage?

Thank you!


Thank you for your answer.
The Images are beeing transfered from an Android app installed in a Tablet towards the DHIS server. In that app we are using DHIS2 android sdk to implement the communication with the server.
What happens is that the data for the Patient (the ID mainly) is correctly transfered, but no stage is created and furthermore no images are uploaded and asociated with any stage.
It happens in some locations only, not in all of them. But when it happens it does for all the images we try to transfer.

At the moment we are updating the app to the latest sdk version and making tests. But we do not know yet if this will work.

The server we are uploading the images to is in versión 2.37.10

Best regards.

Hello @JaimeLopez,

The SDK should store any error in the sync process, they are stored in the object TrackerImportConflict (check the docs here). It would be helpful to check this table after the synchronization to verify if there was any error related to the upload of those TEIs.

Just to give more context about the upload, the SDK tries to upload the images in the first place. Then, if the image fails to be uploaded, the related event is not uploaded to the server because it would have a missing value. This could explain why the event is missing sometimes. The image and the event are kept in a PENDING state so the SDK will try to upload them in the next try.

Please keep us update it with your findings.

Hello @vgarciabnz

Thanks for your answer.
We have upgraded our Android application with the last versión of the SDK libraries and dependencies.
We have deployed it to the field and are now waiting for the results.

I will inform you in this thread of how it is going.