Problems importing GML

Hello there,

We’ve a funny little problem with importing GML files via the GML Importer of Import/Export. The file seems to be fine. At least, importing it as a shortened version on play 2.38.4 works. We are version We did some imports not too long ago of GML files and these worked just fine. Now, suddenly were are getting 403 Forbidden errors.

Does anyone have experience of 403 errors and GML files that might help direct us to the problem?

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Hi @bhansen

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The fact that it’s working on play on the same version and that your instance is returning a 403 error then this could indicate that there is an issue not with the version or the data but maybe server configuration? Please try to import using a superuser and use ‘dry run’ and debug mode. After that please share any errors from the dry run and the complete Catalina.out logs (without sensitive/authentication info).

Thank you!

Thanks so much Al-Gassim! Your pointers were fantastic and actually enabled us to solve it. It was a firewall issue…

Many thanks!