Problem with the report printing in tabular form

Hi everyone!

We have implemented our program in Dhis2 version 2.34 and everything works correctly except the report printing. With the default configuration the impression is correctly performed, but if we change the data entry to tabular form, it prints only one stage, which is always the last one that appears in the form.

I attach you photos to see that if I select the stage ‘Consulta de Geriatría’ to print the reports, the one that is printed is ‘Medicación’.

Thanks for your help:)

@mariaaaduran Thank you for your patience! Please know that this issue has been reported on Jira by DHIS2 UX Designer @joecooper! I actually added a vote to the issue since it’s on the CoP, and if you like please go to the Jira issue and add your vote!
DHIS2-6933 | Printing a stage form not working
Thank you!