Problem with rearranging DE in Program Stage


I’m using 2.30, and I’m having problems rearranging the DE in the Program Stage Section inside Program Stage. It was working fine earlier and it is still working for all other Programs except for this particular one. The error message comes up as soon as I start to rearrange anything in the PSSection. Usually drag-and-drop to arrange the DE always works, but not sure why suddenly this started happening. Seems quite buggy that it’s only for this one Program. I’ve tried clearing cache and logging in/out, but none has resolved the issue.

Any insights would be great!

Thank you.


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Dear Cha,

I also experienced the same sometime back forcing me to remove the data elements, save and add them in the order even if I had to arrange in section by dragging and dropping in position.

As you say its very difficult to reproduce on demo server with the existing programs and some programs, so not yet in jira as bug.

Could you try upgrading to the latest build of 2.30?



Thanks @prosper. Also the @dhis2-platform team can check it out and advise if it’s a bug to be logged into Jira.


Thank you for your feedback, @prosper.

We’ve already upgraded to the latest build about a week and a half ago, but we can try that again and see if that’ll make a difference.

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