Problem with program rule action

Hi! I am having some issues implementing a program rule. The first question is, Is there any way to assign value to a Yes/No data element? I mean, if for example the conditions of my program rules are favorable, the yes/No data element show ‘Yes’ . I couldn´t implement that so I tried another thing cause there are other data element which hide in case of the porgram rule show ‘Yes’. So I decided to implemented like a text. If the conditions are favorable assign text ‘Yes’ and viceversa. That works great but, when I implement the second program rule , which hides a field, there is some internal priority issues (I checked the priority and its good implemented). To clarify, is like the second program rule got delayed. When the anwers is Yes, the field is still showing. Then when i change to No, the field hides. It is like the hiding program rule interact with the previous state of the event.

Hi @aitor_garrido

Regarding your first question. Yes, it is very straight forward to assing a “Yes” to a Data Element as you can see here.

The example program rule (sorry for the rules not making really sense as I am reusing another program):
Program Rules Variables:


Program Rules:

Please note that when using Program Rules and assigning a value to Data Element this becomes greyed out so it cannot be changed (unless the Program Rule expression becames False).