Problem with data aggregation levels for population data

We’re having trouble with population data aggregation in DHIS-2 version 2.12.

Our organizational unit hierarchy is the following:

National – no pop data entered

Provincial – no pop data entered

District – pop data exists (selected as an aggregation level)

Sub-district – no pop data entered

Sector – pop data exists (selected as an aggregation level)

Facilities – pop data exists (selected as an aggregation level)

See the attached. There are two issues:

  1.    I see the Facilities level listed twice in the aggregation level selection tables, once above and once below.  I can move the second facilities below and it displays 2 facility levels!  Is this normal ? in the levels table there is only one facility level.
  2.    With the configuration above I seem to get no population data calculated for any level in pivot tables or data visualizer.  None of our coverage indicators work.  Should I remove the District level data and let the sector level roll up for all of the higher levels?  The source of data for all levels from sector above is the same national census data.

Thanks for any advice you can provide.

Randy Wilson