Problem with d2:condition in program indicator when there is a null data value

Hi all,

I’ve tried to set up a program indicator which evaluates if a ratio is higher or equal than 50 and return 1 or 0 if not the case. But in the event report, when the value of one of the data elements involved in the expression is null/empty, It returns 0 even if the ratio is higher than 50.

This is what I have in the expression:

d2:condition(’(#{A39bOIXiZqX.fpd2rQ4Af5t} + #{A39bOIXiZqX.mOOQgsKFdRG} + #{A39bOIXiZqX.eYD1npKwhyD}) >= 50’, 1, 0)

I tested the expression separately and it works. Does anyone have an idea on what could be wrong in the expression?

Thanks in advance!


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Hi @Fleury_Butoyi,

I hope you are well and sorry for the late response - Did you get to work around this?