Problem understanding indicators denominator with population

Dear colleagues,
in the case of indicators, especially denominator as population. I have different health facilities, each with a different target population that changes yearly.
how can i enter that target population for each facility only once, which users cannot manipulate but can use it as a denominator for different indicators. noting that i am using tracker program of DHIS 2 version
also would it be possible to generate aggregate report using tracker data elements? and indicators

in the case of Sierra Leone DHIS 2 Demo - Sierra Leone
the total population are of aggregate domain type and number as value type… i couldn’t understand how they are populated with numbers

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Hi @Haliz.t ,
The population figures would need to be entered/imported into DHIS2 from the appropriate source (e.g. census). As you mention, these are usually released as a yearly population. Typically, you would have an aggregate data set which collects data monthly. In your case, may have tracker data, but you would need to use a program indicator to transform the tracker based data into aggregate data. Maybe you collect data on number of women who received antenatal care, and have a population figure for the number of expected pregnancies. In DHIS2, you would create an indicator like (ANC1 / Number of expected pregnancies) to give you the percentage of women who received ANC1. This indicator would need to be “annualized”. The effect of annualization is to divide the denominator (in this case Expected pregnancies) into monthly parts, so roughly the yearly total divided by 12.
The obvious assumption here is that the number of expected pregnancies per month is not seasonal, which in this case is a fairly good assumption.

Hope this helps to clarify a bit. Let us know if you still need further assistance.

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I had similar challenge for an aggregate data capture. So I created a custom data capture app and provided a field for capturing population. So each facility when submitting there report also submit the population for that data. I created a DE for the population with the same period as other data captured. That way each facility is able to enter their population and each value is unique for each year. But this was possible because I created a custom app to capture the data. I was told its impossible to achieve what you are trying to achieve with aggregate data capture. Since you are using the tracker app I don’t know if you will have a workaround. So I will follow the thread.