Problem testing Bulk Load app on Play

I am having a problem testing the Bulk Load app on Play. I get this error:

Welcome back to the community @adam! :tada:

What version of the app are you using? Which of the instances on play?


Hi @Gassim Sorry about that. Here are those versions:

DHIS2: 2.38.5
Buik App: 3.23

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Thanks Adam! I tested in a local instance and was able to perform the migration and open the app:

The reason why it’s not working on Play is because admin/district doesn’t have the ALL authority. I will ask further, thanks!

Thanks @Gassim . Being able to test this app in the Play environment will help us troubleshoot issues with the vendor.


Dear @adam

@Gassim is right. This happens when it is the first time you open the app after an version upgrade. The app prepares its datastore according to to the new version and calls this process “migrations”.

So it is required somebody with permissions to execute the migrations before it can work properly in the new version.

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