Problem loading data in Line list to convert it to Arabic

There seems to be an issue with loading data in the Line list for conversion to Arabic language. When attempting to load the Line list data in Arabic, the loaded data appears in the default language, which is English. It’s worth noting that you have specified Arabic as the display language and the language for the database.

Is there a way to directly translate this data using Line list?
thanks all

Hi @Mohammad_Alyamani

Thank you for your question and welcome to the community! Please are the translations complete?

And more importantly in the Translations app:

If they are complete are you able to reproduce the issue in any of the instances, if so please share the steps to reproduce and create a Jira bug issue in Projects - Jira


Thank you, Jassim.

Regarding the translation of Data Elements, all columns have been translated into Arabic. The same applies to project names.

The issue lies in the fact that when loading the application, the data in columns that depend on the Option Set appears in English, even though I have translated all of them. However, the options I have created in Arabic appear correctly when loaded.
You can see how the data appears in the application and how it appears after loading in the attachment.