Problem installing DHIS2 neither in local or war server

Dear colleagues;

I have a problem in installing DHIS2. Since I am a beginner, I just want to install the program in local during my learning process.

I tried by all means to find the DHIS2 Live but I did not find it in your website after that I tried to install the last war server version (38.1.1) with Postgre; tomcat; Jre and jdk . I also tried some old versions but I was unable to do it for that I used some YouT be videos explaining step by step the installation process without any results I suppose because I lack the necessary technical skills. Most of them use Visual Basic which I am not familiar with.

I would be grateful if you could send me DHIS 2 Live version for local use and/or but me in contact with a colleague (if available French speaking), to help me to installing any of these two versions.
Thanks in advance

Welcome to the community @ToufikHossain! :tada: And congratulations on starting your DHIS2 learning path.

To begin with, you are always welcome to use which you can use to learn a lot about dhis2.

Did you try to use the installation guide in the DHIS2 Documentation What operating system are you installing dhis2 on?

If you need this only for learning purposes, running dhis2 locally on a container should be both the easiest and fastest route:

If you have any questions or face any issues while following the guide above please don’t hesitate to post back to the community (and thank you for posting in the #connect:le-coin-des-francophones as well)

Best wishes! Please let us know how it goes. Looking forward to your sharing experiences, asking questions, and sharing knowledge with the community.