Problem in Organisation Unit group

When I opened the Organization Unit Group first time, I saw “No Root” message. I entered the Org Unit name in search. I could see the list inside the box. From there I selected one unit. But when I come back, I get the words 1 Organization selected. But I see “No Root” message in the box. Also, I cannot see anything in the Parent Organisation unit.

Please note my DHIS2 version is 2.37 on JDK 11 and postgres is 14.1

Hi @amitta Please do the following:

a. Assign an organisation unit to the user, if you are using the admin user, edit the same and assign the root organisation unit to the user.
b. Go to organisation unit levels under organisation unit menu, and Save the levels.

This should resolve the issue.

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Thanks @Saurabh for the solution. Interestingly, when I opened the user app, I found the reference to the root unit. I only selected the search part and saved. And I could see my units in the box

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