Problem in Event visualizer or other report generators

Dear Madam/Sir
I have configured a program with some attributes and 3 stages. and registered some information about patients like their personal information (First Name, Last Name, BithDate…) after that i have entered some information about their stages like Blood Group or something like that.
the problem is when i go to event visualizer or pivot table or apps for generating reports and make the report ، My report does not have an outlet.
for example i search about programs attributes like FirstName = ‘kourosh’ (i have entered some information about kourosh which a patient and all related information in stages). i do not have any outlet.
can anyone help me?

BEST Wishes


Hi @kouroshnosratiheravi,
If you are using a superuser account, then you need to run analytics by going to search apps>>Data Administration>>Analytics (path changes depending on version) otherwise make sure userrole has the authority “view event analytics”.

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Thank you @Emma_Kassy.

@kouroshnosratiheravi - Kindly let us know if this helps.