Problem: Impossible to enter events in a repeatable stage: no program stage and no add button

Hi all,

I have set up tracker so that users can enter data for a repeatable stage in the same enrollment, but when opening the dashboard, it just shows “No active enrollment. Please enroll from the enrollment widget.” The user entered the first event and I understand that the he/she clicked on complete after completion. As shown in the images below, nn the dashboard, the first event entered can be seen on the report and the status is complete. Without the program stage and add new button, it is impossible to enter more events into the program. I do not know what’s happening.

The program and the program stages have been shared.


@hernandezmachava please, is this still relevant? Were you able to solve this issue? What version is your DHIS2 instance and are you able to reproduce this on Thank you for sharing with the community!

Hi @Gassim,

Yes, This is still relevant. I was not able to resolve the issue.


Hi Hernandez,

I’m on my phone, so I can’t see the screenshot clearly, but did the user perhaps complete the enrolment rather than just completing the event? (This would block them from registering further events, as the tracked entity would no longer have an active enrolment.)

Cheers, Sam.

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Hi @SamuelJohnson,

If an enrollment was completed, is there an an option to make the enrollment active again so that I can edit the data of events attached to a particular enrollment?


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@hernandezmachava yes you just have to click on the row of the table which is in the enrollment section (03-11-2020 Bairro Q……) you will the open button.

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Thanks @didate!

I thought I’d back your response with this short gif: