Problem Importing Enrollment Data to DHIS 2_v 2.29


I kindly request for help on importing enrollment data (tracked entity instances they are - name,age,sex…) from excel to dhis2- v2,29 ?

Thank you in advance


Mr. Getenet Wegayhu

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Tel: +251 (0) 911 763559


Don’t understand why some of these crucial questions are left unanswered but this isn’t helping anyone.

Hi @Lungelo20,

How can we be of help to you; are you facing a similar problem?


hey jomutsani, Thank you for your timely response.
Yes i’m having the same issue but mine might be a little more complex.

I have a Tracker capture program with enrollment as the first step and them the actually program is captured after. My client has a .csv file with programme data and enrollment data that they would like me to import. I’ve read through the user and developer manual and what I’m trying to do isn’t mentioned anywhere or in detail.

Can you point me to the right diretion??

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