Problem found after updating to 2.40.3

Dear DHIS2 Developers,
I hope this message finds you well , I brought some changes in the data element input then double click on it but it does not audit section.

Mohammad Ayub Yousafzai
Kabul , Afghanistan

Hi @mohammadayub864

Please check again using your browser’s Guest mode (Browse Chrome as a guest - Computer - Google Chrome Help) and report back if it works or not? Additionally, when you open the page again check the Network tab and Console in the DevToosl (F12).

If there are no helpful hints in the Network requests responses and in the Console log, we might want to check the Catalina.log (so please share it if there’s any error - without sharing any private authentication keywoords).

Thank you!

Dear @Gassim ,

In previous version of dhis2 it was working perfectly when updated to 2.40.3 there is a bug.
I also tested in dhis2 demo same bug is shown. two or three times click on Audit.

the bug is shown in screen shot

Mohammad Ayub Yousafzai
Kabul , Afghanistan

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Hi @mohammadayub864,

I am able to reproduce the same issue in 2.40.3, if I change a value. See video:

cc @dhis2-platform

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Great, thanks for the info, and thanks @Karoline for sharing the video to reproduce the issue.

@mohammadayub864 would you like to create a Jira bug issue using your account on Your work - Jira?


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Thanks for reporting your issue @mohammadayub864 - I actually just found that there was an issue already reported on this so I linked the two together.

Please follow [DHIS2-16887] - Jira for progress :slight_smile:

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