Printing Tracker capture data - the print out are empty unless the user refresh the page or move btw stages

Dear team, here in our hospital we are using tracker capture to fill data and print out patient’s vouchers. we have created data entry stages and vouchers stages. these voucher stages Get data from the patients information stages by event date. all sound great but we have one issue, the printed vouchers aren’t displaying data (are empty) unless the user refresh the page and moves through stages before pressing print.
One out sourced company said that this is a DHIS2 bug!! is that true?
Can we imbed a refresh and move stages on click code to overcome the issue? and is the issue solvable ? we really appreciate your help because this issue is hindering our work. thank you

HI @Moe

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First, I’d start by recommending to use Capture app instead of Tracker Capture app because the later is legacy and the improvements are on Capture app.

Second, please share the version of the DHIS2 instance you are using, and if possible would you share the steps to reproduce this issue in any of the instances?

Again, please try Capture app as well. Thanks!

Hi @Gassim , we are using DHIS 2.38. Can we migrate our configurations from Tracker capture to Capture app? and will this solve the refresh problem? can you confirm if this is a bug ?

Hi @Moe

Would you share the steps to reproduce the issue on We’d first need to reproduce the issue and test in order to figure out.