Printing issues

Good Day,
I am using DHIS2
I have an issue with printing forms such as “Data Entry” for an OrgUnit such as below picture

I want the printed form to show exactly what is on the screen (Orgunit name, period) , however when i press print form which is on the right side of the data entry app, i do not get the Orgunit name nor the period , only the data sections

so how to make the printed form show more details like the form as it is on data entry app???

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Hello @Haliz.t ,

I hope this message finds you well.

If you need the screenshot for the entire page to be printed, I recommend installing any of the browser extensions/ plugins.

I mean in Chrome browser for example there are many extensions that can be installed freely to print the whole entire page as a screenshot, please see the below demo for GoFullPage - Full Page Screen Capture:

I am using the below extension, and it’s Ok with me:

Please try, and let me know how it goes at your end.

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Dear @ayman.tuffaha
Thank you so much for your prompt reply,
Although i wanted only to add Orgunit name and period to the printed form of data entry…Not the whole screen. but I have tried the full page screen capture extension that you have shared in your reply, and it works well … thank you…

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You are welcome any time, It’s my pleasure.

You can also edit the screenshot, and crop any unnecessary items from the screenshot.

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Much appreciated