Pre-populate event date in event data model?

Hello everyone,

Is it possible to create an event within the event capture app and have the event date pre-populated? This happens really well in the mobile app (I know different functionalities within the apps) and I was wondering if this is possible within the DHIS2 web app as well.

Thank you.

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Hi @WumiOjo

This is possible in programs that are of tracker program type but in the event program type, it’s not possible to auto-populate the report date in the event program type; however, it’s possible to auto-populate a data element in both types.

What version of dhis2 are you using? Are you using the Event Capture app (very old app) or the Capture app (newest and updated app)?

Additionally, would you please explain the use case and why this as a feature would be important?


Hi @Gassim, thank you so much for responding.

The program in question is essentially a patient records and there is no interest at all in tracking the patients individually so there is no chance that the program model will be updated.

There are a lot of things that the doctors gets through and tracks while filling the forms and they would really appreciate if they don’t have to enter event date each time so save themselves a little bit of inconvenience especially since each event is created during consultation (so basically just fill with current date). The thought they had was to use a PR like we used for hiding certain options and autofilling etc, but that wouldn’t work here since the event date is not a data element.

Also, we are using the capture app and are on version 2.39.2.

Thank you.

I think its a good point, you’re right that it does happen by default for Android; seems like a logical feature request to me. I doubt you want to go this route, and I haven’t personally, but I would guess that you could dive into the custom form route if you very much needed this functionality.