Posting DATA to from one DHIS2 to another DHIS2 system

I have a challenge in mapping the one DHIS2 system to the another DHIS2 system, I am using excel template, whereby am pulling data values from one system to excel using python to ‘sheet1’ . ‘sheet2’ contains data elements, category option combo and value as well as orgunit columns. I want each orgunit to be captured in ‘sheet2’ at a time with all the other variables so that I can use json format in sheet2 to post data to the second DHIS2 system. Kindly share/assist on how i can go about this.

This is an extract of the template sheet2

Hi @imamai.
We have a tool to convert metadata in a DHIS2 instance into a flat file, excel and then apply those metadata changes to the same instance or any other of your choice. The script is living here:

Unfortunately it relies in a python backend so it is not a DHIS2 app and therefore it requires some more technical knowledge. It also works with Google Spreadsheets, so you will need to have a Google account and create an auth token to use the Google API (it is well documented in the repo).
It takes some time to set up but it will save you lots of time in the future :slight_smile: