Possible solutions to issues with reading printed Bar Code lables generated by Tracker beacuse they are squares?

Does anyone know how to display the Tracker Attribute Mobile Render Type “Barcode” in a longer, flatter, less rectangular formate without post-processing (like the bottom one)?

(Both barcodes display the same data, but the bottom is a cropped version of the top one)

With the intention to create Barcode labels that can be printed and glued to health passports or similar documents, we tried to print JPGs of Bar codes from Tracker using the Mobile Render Type “Barcode” for a 10 digit attribute.

We ran into the issue that the Barcodes generated from Tracker are Squar (see the top of picture), which makes them very small when printed and therefore harder to scan, as well as less resistant to wear and tear. We did some cropping of the Barcode to create a longer and less rectangular Barcode JPG, that we then printed (see bottom of the picture). This resulted in much better scannability, as well as better resistance to damage from curling and coffestains.

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Thank you for sharing this with the community @johanfsk!

Hi @johanfsk ,

Could fully describe you workflow to understand the issue and see if this should be included as a feature? When you get the QR and you click on share, what happens next? Are you printing directly from your Android device? Do you upload the image somewhere and print from there?

I know you said without post-processing but here are a couple of tips:

  • In case you are using the first you could use the free tool Imagepipe | F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository which would just include a one more step before sharing (with printer)
  • In case of the second I think you could process them with a script running on a server although you might need connectivity.
  • Another thing I can think of is using other type of automation tools for Android

But I guess that what you are looking for is having directly an option in the App that allows you to resize? If that would be the case we could consider implementing eventually if it is a blocker for some implementations and considering prioritization and resource management. Maybe the best for this is writing a feature request in JIRA.


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