Possible Bug in Bidirectional Relationship

Hi @Gassim and @jaime.bosque,
I’m testing the bidirectional relationship in a use case here in my organization, but unfortunately I found a behavior that I think is wrong on the android app side.
I’m sharing some images of what I intend to create. Tests done on Front End work as expected, but unfortunately on android it ends up reversing directions what should be A( initiating entity) ends up being B( receiving entity) and B ends up being A.

The configuration

On the Web works nice
Screenshot from 2022-02-04 20-39-09

But on the Android the “filho” ends up to be a “Mãe/Pai”.

Tested in Dhis 2.35.11 and latest android version.

Can someone help test this use case.
Thanks in Advance

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Thank you for your post! I know there’s currently a bug in this front Android lists nonbidrectional relationships so I made a comment to see if it’s relevant. Thank you!

Yes indeed! Thanks in Advance

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Thanks for reporting, it seems there is a bug in the app. I have just created a ticket in JIRA for this (Log in - DHIS 2 JIRA).