Possibility of Skipping 'Program Stage selection' and 'reporting date for program stage'

Hi team,

I have only one follow-up form/program stage.
It simply displays a calculation (from a program rule). Calculation works fine but after completing the registration form, I do not want to be asked to select a program stage (since I’ll be working with only one program stage), and I also do not want to be asked to choose a reporting date. Is this achievable?

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Hello @Quoda
Yes ofcourse you can do it. You have two ways to do it.
1.If you have only one stage and its not repeatable, you can configure to show your stage at registration page. Go to your program / program detail / (tick mark) First stage appears on registration page.
2. If the stage is repeatable or you need to have it as a sperate stage for any reason, go to your program / stages / stage detail and (tick mark) Auto-Generate-Event.

Good Luck

Hi @LutfullahShifaa

Thank you very much for the quick response. Yes indeed I had seen this feature. But what I’m trying to achieve is to view this program stage/follow-up form in a new screen or different page without having to go through the program stage selection and the reporting date. Is this also possible?

Hello @Quoda
If I understand your case very well, after completing the registeration form and pressing Save and continue button you want the stage opens and does not ask the report date. In this case apply the below option. It will open the stage automatically without asking for reporte date.

  1. Go to your program / stages / stage detail and (tick mark) Auto-Generate-Event

If its not case, please provide more information to understand it.