Plugin with id 'findbugs' not found

Hi all. After cloning the dhis2-tracker-capture-app from the repository and its submodules using –recurse-submodules option i am getting error Plugin with id ‘findbugs’ not found. every time i want to run the app

When trying to Build > Clean Project the same error occurs too so i tried to delete my .gradle folder before restarting Android Studio but nothing change

Can any one help me fixing this please ?

Notice: I am running java 8 (Oracle Java 8) on ubuntu 20.04

@Pablo or @Jaime ?

Hi @moukaila,

Findbug plugin has been removed from gradle 6.X (check the official docs) and the SDK submodule current master branch is using it. We have already removed it for next version.
I think you just need to go to dhis2-android-sdk > core > build.gradle and remove the findbug plugin or downgrade your gradle version to 5.X.

Hi @Pablo thank you for he reply

I was looking for something like that, so it works for me