Please review and fix the following error(s) before completing the event:

Hey everyone!
its been a long since I’ve posted here but I am back with one more isssue and need your help.

I’ve a situation with a Tracker Program that sometimes when try to complete stages to move to others it opens an error window with the follow name: Please review and fix the following error(s) before completing the event;

I am using DHIS2 2.34.6
A tracker program with more than 100 stages and many rules.

If needed I am available to provide more details.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @carlos.massavanhane

Thank you for your post, and always welcome back!

Please take a screenshot of the Network tab in the DevTools (F12 → Network) and if there’s a network request error please take a screenshot of it as well. Making sure the Network tab is open before the error window appears. We might need to get the full Catalina.out log (without sensitive info).

Thank you!

Thanks for your attention @AL-Gassim!

There is the image with the network tab open before trigger the function.

Best regards,

Thanks for the screenshot! The error “All the expected events are already present, cannot create more events.” means that there are no longer any events from the configuration itself. How many events did you configure for this program?

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More than 100. Almost 128

Apologies, @carlos.massavanhane I have tried to reproduce this issue but creating a dummy program with too many stages is sort of a challenge. I was trying using the API to create a program with more than 128 program stages but this requires a lot more scripting than making sense of the context itself first!

Therefore, I need to ask that maybe this needs to be more specific, are there more details that can be added about the program stage and when exactly this issue happen? Could it be possible that this same error happen even if you only had one stage (not 128 stages)? What I mean is this needs a lot of investigation and debugging let alone attempting to recreate the issue!

First, I recommend upgrading your instance because the version you are currently using is way out of date!

Second, I’m really interested in why a program requires more than 128 program stage? Maybe this needs a program design solution. For example, maybe these stages don’t need to be separated or that a number of program stages can be moved into a separate program…

I’m not sure what the use case is but certainly this could help and encourage other members to help out and share their knowledge.

Thank you! :slight_smile: