Please Provide Feedback on Dashboard Filters/Views

Hello community,

We need your help. We are planning to begin working on new global dashboard filters/views for period, org units, org unit groups, option group sets, and category option group sets. Essentially, the same disaggregations that are available in the other analytics apps will be able to be applied to a dashboard. This functionality is long requested, and it will be a major improvement to dhis2 dashboards.

We have developed a mock-up for this. Here.

This is not a functional instance of dhis2. It is just a simple mock-up with only a few click options, but it will be what we use to develop the real thing. Please have a look and give us your thoughts in the comments to this post on what you like, what you do not like, what you think we should change, or if you have any questions about it. FYI, the period view editor will apply to all dashboard items regardless of their predefined period. We are saying “changing the dashboard view” because it is not truly filtering anything. It is just changing the data you are viewing based upon revised dimensions. If your interested the jira ticket is DHIS2-4884.

Thanks for your help!
The analytics team.

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Hi Scott, thanks for the opportunity to contribute. Looks to be exciting new functionality.

New UI looks good, but had a question on the filters themselves. Not sure if it fits in with your work here, but one of the things we really struggle with is the org unit filter / user org units filter in shared reports / dashboards

To expand… For a single report, we can have users set to access our top level global org unit (to see overview of all countries in the world), right down to users that only have access to see a single org unit.

This is a problem for us as we can’t have the same report shared to these varying types of users. Since if we try and use the “user org units” filter, reports will error if a user does not have access to all org units in the report

For example - say our org unit structure was:
— Country 1
— Country 2

with user 0 assigned global org unit, user 1 to country 1, user 2 to country 2. We cannot have a common dashboard/report set to global (so that user 0 sees a consolidated view, user 1 and 2 see their respective countries), because the user with country 1 gets an error saying they do not have access to country 2, and vice versa. Instead we have to maintain multiple copies of the report, which can get messy, and duplicates work when updates are needed (doesn’t sound that bad in the 2 country example, but you can imagine with hundreds of users / thousands of org units, this can get tricky!).

Is there any scope to improve the org unit filter so that it can render a subset of the org units selected, dependent on your user access?

Really neat would be if a user could filter by org unit level on the dashboards (like they can in the org unit filter in the analytics apps). In effect, being able to aggregate their dashboard on the fly.

PS – I see from your mock up you’re already looking to add org unit group filters – looks awesome!


Hello @Scott and all,
The New UI looks great!
Here are a few comments:

  • (UX suggestion) With the introduction of the much appreciated filters (called slicers in PowerBI), into the dashboards, i believe that the top section is becoming very crowded and is almost taking more than 25% of the total height of the screen: taking into consideration the “other dashboards” viewer and the top menu bar.
    Therefore my suggestion is to introduce a way to hide/show them by including 2 new buttons:
    • toggleDashboardsRegionButton
    • toggleDashboardSlicersRegionButton
      Maybe put these 2 new buttons in the top menu or on the right/left side discretely hovering on top of the other items.
      Maybe also toggle the top menu bar.
  • I find @david.palmer 's suggestion of showing a subset of the main data of a report/dashboard (which the user has access to) extremely useful, since it really makes our lives easier; though it primarily affects reports/visualizers but also dashboards. so instead of showing an error, show only the subset of data the user can see with a caveat message at the top saying something similar: “You are only viewing a subset of the data due to your access rights”.
  • Feature suggestion to include a favorite Filters/Slicer in the filters section that is available in dashboards and reports/visualizers
  • Is there a way to make the dashboard items take 2 vertical spaces the same way they could take 2-3 horizontal spaces?

Keep up the good work!!!

All the best,


Thanks Scott, very welcome new functionality. I agree with the two comments made so far by Dave and Bernard. Looking forward to seeing new iterations of this and to see it coming to production soon!


Hi Dave, Thank you very much for the detailed response.

I really like your suggestions to include filtering by org unit level. I could see this being very useful, and we’ve added this to the roadmap. We are working on a common, new org unit selector to be used across all app, and I think this would fit into that as well. We will update the mock-up to include it.

On your other issue, have you tried using relative org unit selection for your dashboard items? See screenshot below.

This is actually what these are intended for. Essentially if selected then they will display the org units (and their children) for what ever the user is assigned to for data capture. So in your example if you had a shared dashboard between global and country users with the “User org unit” relative org unit assignments, the user assigned to global level would see the global org unit while the user at country level would see just their country. Same dashboard item but users would only see data associated with their assignment in the org hierarchy. Does that address your concern? If it doesn’t would you mind getting on a call so we can talk though it and you can demo the issue to me?


Hello all,

We are finalizing the design for the new dashboard filters in the next couple of days. Thank you for your feedback so far, and you can find the updated interactive mock-up here:

Jira ticket: [DHIS2-4884] - Jira
Please have a second look, and let us know what you think. We will begin working on the development of these over the 2.32 and 2.33 releases.

Core Analytics Team


Looking good to me, thanks very much Scott. I look forward to the filters making their way into production!