Please don't call saved visualizations 'favorites' anymore

Hi Community,

Let me try to sum up what we are thinking so far:

  1. historically a saved pivot or chart has been called favorite - we are moving away from that, see (2) - instead we are probably going to call it saved visualization (will make a decision with [@joe])

  2. we have a pretty new concept now of marking saved objects to make them stand out from the rest - it was implemented in the new dashboards app (2.29): the user can click the star right next to the name of the loaded dashboard which will override the alphabetical order of dashboards and make it appear before the unstarred ones in the list - the name for this could be favorite dashboards etc

  3. we have an endpoint from where we can pull the user’s most viewed saved visualizations which we are currently using on the start screen of the pivot app (and soon DV) - the endpoint is called /dataStatistics/favorites.json , but we should not refer to those as favorites anywhere on the frontend as it would be very confusing - most viewed is a better name (and what it actually is more accurate)

so that would most likely be

  • saved visualization views
  • visualizations saved
  • top saved visualizations

Analytics Team


Great! This well noted!

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