Pivvy, the DHIS2 assistant, is moving on

Hi all,

Two years ago on April 1, we introduced Pivvy, a groundbreaking tool that entirely changed the way people used DHIS2. Last year, we introduced Pivvy’s friends, who changed the way people used DHIS2 even more.

Now Pivvy must find a new occupation as DHIS2 has rolled the functionality of the Pivot Table app into the Visualizer app.

Watch our informative video at:
Pivvy retires from DHIS2


— the Pivvy team


IT Job interview difficulty: Larsy >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Nasa>>>Google


Jaja! Quieres decir que vais a contratar a larsy???

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Lars sería difícil contratar, ¡pero creo que Larsi sería imposible!

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