Pivot Tables not displaying Data

Please I am having an issue with my DHIS2 Pivot Table app. We have data on the database from January - December 2021, but nothing is showing for December 2021 on the pivot table.
I am currently using version 2.29 with tomcat 8 on ubuntu 18.04 server.

Hi @omie,
Thank you for your post with the environment details. Let try the following steps:
Step 1:
Have you tried using the Browser Cache cleaner app sometimes it fixes things (or trying a different browser/new profile). Additionally, is this happening to all users?

Step 2:
Use the Data Administration app → Maintenance and then select the following four options selected in the screenshot:

If the issue persists, it will help in this case if we start by having a look if there’s an error appearing in the Network tab. Here’s how to get the Network tab errors:

  1. Open the favorites table in the Pivot Table app
  2. Open your browser’s developer tools (F12 key)
  3. Click on the Network tab
  4. Refresh the pivot table app (while the Network tab is open)
  5. If you see any red text, click on it and then take a screenshot for Response as well as a screenshot for the Headers (you can blur the remote address if you want.)

** This will help us know if the issue is a server side issue or not. If it’s a server side issue we’ll need to get the Catalina.log file (without the sensitive info) to see if there are errors (but I don’t think this is a server issue); however, it might be a database issue and if it is an issue bound to the DB, we’ll seek further support.

Thank you! (: