Pivot table

Dear All,
How can i change the order of the diss-aggregation (assigned categories) during analysis in pivot table. The order i get is not good. For example Early postnatal care visit dissagregated by visit hours
The normal order is Within 24 hrs, 25-48 hrs, 49-72 hrs. but in the output it shows 24 hrs, 49-72 hrs and 25-48 hrs.

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Hi @ousmandb,
Unfortunately, this is not currently possible.
Now, Might I suggest you use data dimensions in your categories (See image).
This will enable you to manipulate the categories as you see fit.


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Dear Ousman,

By the fact that the data element has category combination, you are analyzing by selecting details not totals. So after turning all the details then you can select individual aggregations and arrange them as you want.

If you are doing this in the layout by adding “assigned categories”, this may not be possible, ti will follow the arrangement of category options in categories.


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