Pivot Table Issue

Hi all there!

I wanted to change the “DHIS 2 Pivot Tables” title into my Organization’s Name or Logo. Please, help me how and where to do so.

Thank you for cooperation in advance.

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Hi @Getachew_Chala

Any reason why you want to customize the pivot table layout to your organisation details?

I guess you can look into the code on your system and hard code it.



Hi @Getachew_Chala

You will have to edit that in the code of the application itself. The code can be found here:

Essentially you will be making a new, custom version of the application , so you will have to install your custom pivot table app on your instance.



I think the hard coding wouldn’t be a sustainable method as you’d now have you own branch and version. Upgrading to future versions would mean having to hard code and build you own release every time. How about you adding this feature to a ‘metadata configuration’ app of sorts which goes into core. One that lets you specify implementation specifics.


How can I do that please. I’m a fresh beginner for the Software. So, help me how can I do that.

Thank you.


Please help me pointing to the specific of my question.

Thank you too, too much for your mentorship.


@Getachew_Chala Just to echo @paleu256, once you change the core code you will not be able to upgrade to newer releases easily, and you could generate bugs. @jan, @edoardo or @jen.jones.arnesen might be able to point you to exactly where in the code the name of the pivot tables app can be changed.


@Getachew_Chala, Try to took at this code, you’ll have to clone the repo and make your changes, then build. It will also be good for you to look at the whole codebase too:


It’s not available on this code page dear.
Please search another ways and let me know how to change it.

Thank you and stay blessed!


@Getachew_Chala The line that controls the label is this one: https://github.com/dhis2/pivot-tables-app/blob/master/src/index.js#L124.
That said, I agree with what already said about not being able to easily upgrade the app, and potentially generating bugs we won’t likely be able to help with.


Dear there!

Really I couldn’t correct and had any solution for my help request.

Please help me as much as possible.

God bless you

Stay blessed

Getachew Chala

Database Manager

From Oromia Regional Health Bureau


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Hi @Getachew_Chala,

The links shared up here from Github are to the specific pages and the code that you can alter to what you want, and later update in your DHIS2 instance.

Maybe to start off - Are you a developer; can you read and edit code? If Yes, then this link quoted 2nd below by @edoardo will take you to the specific script where you can alter DHIS2 Pivot Tables to your Preferred Name as highlighted here…

though it’s not advisable as it’s a standard title across all DHIS2 instances worldwide - just as @paleu256 had mentioned.

If you feel like you really must have the name there, you might think of engaging a developer to make the changes for you, as you learn more on the developer side of DHIS2 from the Developer’s Manual and through a test server.



Dear, I have tried the

DHIS 2 Pivot Tables you have suggested to me. However, no change is possible. Please is there any ather option that I can take to dos so. Thank you for your sincere reaction.

Getachew Chala

Database Manage @ ORHB

Oromia, Ethiopia

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