Pivot Table - Generate Report By Parent Organization Unit

Hello community,

Hope you are all doing well. I am looking for a solution using pivot table which is supposed to be very simple but I could not find a out way.

I am currently using version 2.29

I would like to generate a table where the list of reporting rate will display by their parent organization unit. I can produce below by moving organization unit to the Row Dimension from ‘Layout’.

But I would like to know the way to create in following format.

Thanks for your time
Nibras Ar Rakib

Hi @nibras, In the options menu you can select “Show Hierarchy” . This will add the hierarchy in the first column. It will not unfortunately produce each level of the hierarchy as a separate row. We are working on making that the default behavior now.

Also I strongly recommend that you upgrade to a newer release if you can. 2.34 is the latest, and 2.29 is no longer supported.

Thanks @Scott. We are making a plan to upgrade our version. We will be happy to see the new feature.